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Kate and David Ranson


A huge thank you to all our previous guests,

For your friendship and good humour and

For all the hints and tips shared and exchanged.

We shall miss you!

The Quilters’ Retirement

The time has come, her Old Man said

To think of many things –

Of Camper vans and sunsets new and

No more apron strings.

The poor old Quilter shed a tear –

She loved her quilty life

Of friendship, laughter and good times

Far from toil and strife

The Old Man stood on creaking limb

And declared it’s time to go

To foreign climes and pastures new

Try someone else’s stew

The Quilter went down on bended knee

She didn’t want to do it

But hips did ache and eyes were dim

She had to get around tuit

The Old Man heaved her upwards

And explained the world at large

We still have life, if care we take

I thought we’d buy a barge!

The Quilter pondered on his words

It’s true the quilts are mounting

The WIPS are waiting in the wings -

But then again who’s counting

The Old Man and The Quilter

Together they did speak

It’s been a ball, we’ve loved it all

But now we’re past our peak!